I stopped a Smith’s on my way into the office. On my way out, a gentleman approaches me near my car and asks for a dollar. I didn’t have any cash on me, and I apologized. Then I had an Acts 3 moment. I said I dont have money (I think that makes me Pentecostal?) but what I do have is a way to heal you if you have any pain or sickness. He looked at me puzzled and said, “You can do that…right now??” I said, “look to me…we are going to do this right now.”

He had arthritis in his wrists and in his lower back. So, I did the healing thing and let God do what He needed to do. The guy had the most stunned look on his face when he realized he could move both wrists without pain. Then we worked on his back pain, which he told me loosened up immediately afterward. A handshake and a hug later, he went on his way, and I hopefully showed him something better in the world than cash is. Boom Goes Yeshua!!

Millian Quinteros

Follower of Jesus, husband, father and healing minister. I am your ministry provocateur, iconoclast, firebrand, and resident heretic here at Dominion Fire in Las Vegas, Nevada. I teach people how to minister healing, walk in power and think outside of the box. I am a multimedia content creator, podcast host, youtube vlogger and I work to be the expert at disseminating the digital revelations all around the world. And, by the way...Boom Goes Yeshua!

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