7 Days with a Witch – Don Allen

In media, an element of hyperbole is often used to promote programs and interviews. This is not hyperbole, when I tell you, that if you’re a Christian, you need to hear this interview, right now. Don Allen was at a tent revival in Kansas, as a local woman, an admitted high witch of the four corners, was coming to murder him. Don explains how instead of being killed, he managed to get her delivered, saved and set free, and overcome her power.

In the 7 days following, he began to gather intelligence from this woman, on how the spirit world works, satanic strategies used against Christians and churches, and some sobering realities about the Word of God we overlook daily. This is an extended interview and gets deep into the world of darkness, and brings you leaked information about the inner workings of witchcraft, how to counter it, and what steps need to be taken.

Please share this, re-post it, download, burn it to CD and give it out. This message is way to important to sit on. This is the battlefield intelligence report and pages from the Enemy’s playbook.

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Millian Quinteros

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