Be Focused on the Right Kingdom with Paul Bruno

In a recent vlog video, entitled “The Volcano is About to Blow” I outlined for you changes that are coming to the world, culture, politics, media and the church, which will shake people to their core. Joining me today is Paul Bruno, who holds 4 degrees including a Masters in History. Paul is a brother in Christ, a great friend, and host of several radio shows including The History Czar and the Bible Czar. In this recording, we speak on the historical pattern of 70 year cycles that usher in new systems, new philosophies and new ways of doing things. We discuss the cycles of US history, the different cycles of world history and the coming overlap of the two.

We discuss whether humans are getting better and the increase of His peace is happening. We discuss why, as a believer, you should not be worried, not be swayed or lose hope given current events. By viewing faith, through the lens of American history, we can see that building your house on a rock instead of shifting sands is the wiser option for navigating these historic, albeit, odd times we live in, and not letting these things steal your joy.




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Millian Quinteros

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