Matthew 9:37-38 (CEV)

37 He said to his disciples, “A large crop is in the fields, but there are only a few workers. 38 Ask the Lord in charge of the harvest to send out workers to bring it in.”



Become a Part of the Divine Healing Ministry…

Excerpt: This article speaks about some mainstream misconceptions about belief in God, and encourages you to approach faith from a different perspective. We encourage you to break away from limiting beliefs and go after boldness to become a part of the Divine Healing Ministry. Learn how God still heals and how to harness His power to put His goodness on display.

Well, this is ministry….The Divine Healing Ministry to be exact; in full swing, and definitely on the uptick. A few years ago, if you had told me that I would be a minister, walking in the power of God and seeing crazy miracles in front of my eyes, I probably wouldn’t have believed it. In all of the years in church, leading up to this point, I had always heard about these things happening.  I, however, was being taught that I was just a useless little peon in the faith, waiting for some magical moment where I may just get a tiny glimpse of what God is capable of, and that is what was supposed to sustain me until I was pulled out and rescued from this existence. It turns out, I was given some bad intel somewhere.

In fact, it was quite the monkey-touched-the-monolith moment for me, when I realized that I didn’t require some magical anointing, or special assignment to be able to operate in God’s amazing power. All that was required, was to simply believe. Yes…I said believe. The moment that I found the ministry that I am currently affiliated with, was the moment the chain officially broke for me. Fifteen minutes into Video #1 of a series called the Divine Healing Technician Training (DHT), my eyes awakened to truth. For the first time in my Christian walk, someone was saying many of things I had been saying for years, yet no one would acknowledge. The truth hit my spirit very hard in that moment, and I decided that, THIS is where I am parking my car.

To be encouraged to believe God for more, is fresh air in a stale atmosphere of modern-day faith. To be told that you have permission to walk, talk and act like Jesus, so long as you remember that you’re not Him, was like the cork popping from the bottle–a new wine had begun to breathe! It was a refreshing drink of living water and from that point forward I realized that I wasn’t hungry nor thirsty any further. I came to the amazing revelation, that I already had everything that I needed. What it took, was for someone to wake me from the denominational slumber that I have been lulled into, and disenchanted with, for what seemed like an eternity.

I didn’t have a specific situation that prompted me to pursue healing. I had no serious illnesses and up to that point, had not lost anyone close to me to disease or suffering. It simply just felt like something I could do. I had been encouraged to keep waiting around for something I already had. When the news broke that I was free to operate in healing, or any power of God for that matter, this whole new world opened up to me. I realized that God wasn’t mad or angry at me. I learned that He loved me, that He wanted to push me. I found out that He needs me to be His worker here within the harvest. I don’t have a boss or a dictator. I have a Daddy…and Daddy is awesome!!

Within minutes of watching the DHT videos, I ran out to tell my wife about this ministry and that this is where I wanted to be. Over the years, it became routine to jump around from ministry to ministry, riding every wind of doctrine, searching for an answers I already had. My wife, naturally, was supportive but skeptical as she had heard this from me more than once. More than once, I was the minister who seemed to cry wolf. This conversation was cut short when I was informed that my wife had a migraine headache and that talking was making it worse. Immediately, I put the wheels into motion. I said, …”watch this!” 30 seconds later, the door was officially open. On the first try, I got the healing to work. We both sat there in a significant shock with the realization that this thing might just be real. Yes, it was, is and always will be…

Several hundred healings in Las Vegas later, and we are still going after the greater things. Now, we are pushing beyond that into the fullness. God is so much bigger than healing, ministry, church, gifts or sermons. God is the centerpiece of all things, and He is not bound by any limits or constraints. The fun and enjoyment of ministry is unlocking all of the amazing things that He left for us to find; to learn how to harness His power and to be in complete unity with Him. It is such a wonderful feeling and it’s a total sense of fulfilling freedom. To me, this is what ministry is all about. It’s meant to be fun, exciting, enjoyable and never-ending. It is truly the journey and not the destination. There is always more to believe for.

The concept of Christ-centered theology, with no limits or restrictions is what we teach in this ministry. I am not interested in teaching or preaching a feel-good, 12-step self-help program based on Commandments or the Gospels. I am also not interested in pointing all ten fingers in every direction, and calling out every condemnation on the block. I am here to model what Jesus said we could be, and to put His goodness on display at every opportunity that I get. I teach about the goodness of God that far surpasses all of our understanding. I teach about the limitless possibilities that exist in Him. I teach people to fall so deeply in love with Jesus, that they fall out of love with any sin or shortcoming. I don’t teach people how to talk it…I teach them how to walk it! It’s the goodness of God that brings people to repentance.

The more that I see the true extent of the Enemy’s web weaved around our culture and our country, the more I realize how much bigger of a boat we are going to need. Everywhere you turn, there is a need of some kind. Every single person you encounter, saved or unsaved, Christian, Muslim, Atheist or Other, Black, White, Red, Brown or Purple…everyone in your life has some need that Christ can meet. I wasn’t given a ministry of judgment. I was given a ministry of reconciliation. I wasn’t given hands to push people away, I was given hands to heal. I wasn’t given a voice to shout and argue. I was given a voice to speak LIFE. It’s time we all realize what we were given, what the purpose of it is, and what our true identity in Him really mean. Look around, my friends…the harvest is indeed plenty.

The purpose for this article is to let you know that God is not mad at you, that He is not going to strike you down for anything you have done, nor is He going to give you a sickness because you were a bad little boy or girl. He’s a good father, not a sicko Santa Claus checking if you were naughty or nice. He doesn’t want to punish you for your life. He wants to give you better tools to work with, so that it gets Satan’s slimy hands off of His kid. A good father doesn’t harm his children. He protects them and lays His life down for them.

The second purpose of this article is to let you know, that you have permission. You are allowed to preach, heal, cleanse, raise and cast out. Yes, you don’t have to wait for a sign, a prompting, an anointing, a mantle or a special designation. You are in the position of a Son, seated with Jesus on a throne, in complete unity with Him. You have the right and privilege to do the Kingdom work. God would never give you a job, then fail to equip you properly. He gives advantages to His children, again, like any good father would.

The final purpose is to invite you to see the goodness of God flowing for real. If you are in the Las Vegas area and are stuck in neutral, I invite you to come and gun the engine with us. If you would like to learn the truth about how God works and how healing gets done, I encourage you to come hang with us. We have a team of everyday people with an extraordinary daddy, who are always pushing for more and more. Any doctrine or teaching that limits you or limits what God can do, is a doctrine of devils. So, leave that dead, dumb thing behind.

If you are ready to get out into the world, and become a part of the divine healing ministry, then we are ready to c0-labor with you. We invite you to come visit, ask some questions, get prayed for, and most importantly, spend some playing with your dad. I guarantee you, that wherever you are, is not the endpoint. This is only the beginning, and it only gets better every day. Take the initiative to step out and get going. If not us, then who. If not now, then when. It’s time.

There is a huge harvest waiting, and we need laborers ready to go out into the world and get their hands dirty. This IS the Kingdom of Heaven at Hand, and every day becomes bigger and better than the one before. See you in the field!

Be Blessed,

–Millian Quinteros
Overseer of Dominion Fire Church, Las Vegas, NV 





Millian Quinteros

Follower of Jesus, husband, father and healing minister. I am your ministry provocateur, iconoclast, firebrand, and resident heretic here at Dominion Fire in Las Vegas, Nevada. I teach people how to minister healing, walk in power and think outside of the box. I am a multimedia content creator, podcast host, youtube vlogger and I work to be the expert at disseminating the digital revelations all around the world. And, by the way...Boom Goes Yeshua!

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