Experience the Power of the Christian Faith

1 Corinthians 4:20 (NASB)

“For the kingdom of God does not consist in words but in power”



Experience the Power of the Christian Faith…

Excerpt: This article speaks about experiencing the reality and power of God instead of just the talk. This article outlines why focusing mostly on words has caused more division that unity, and why we have let the world get away from us. By experiencing the true power of the Christian faith, as it was intended, it neutralizes all other seductive powers of the world. In Jesus, there is no end or limit, and we press in for more and more of Him continually.

Western culture is heavily based on the notion of naturalism, which says, that if I can’t see it, then I can’t believe it. Naturalism tends to be the default worldview among many Christians in our culture, despite professing belief in a God who is capable of doing anything. To me, that begs the question, “Well, which is it?” We are very quick to profess our amazement at a God that can heal and can raise the dead, yet the moment a situation or sickness presents, the vast majority of Christians today turn to the first page of the Gospel of Modern Medicine. As I have mentioned before, I am not opposed to medicine or doctors. But when does a time come where we make a decision, once and for all, if our God has power or not? We must come to a final answer on whether what we read in our bible, is indeed, the truth. Once we come to that answer, we need to make a choice and stick with it. It’s this odd schizophrenia that we embrace in our faith which often leaves us stuck in the middle of nowhere. It’s no wonder that so many Christians outsource their faith to a senior pastor, who seemingly has all of their answers. Mainly, it’s just easier that way.

I have had more than one occasion where I have interacted with ministers, pastors, church leaders and those who seemingly live in church buildings. A common thread I notice is that many of them are very well spoken, can quote scripture at the drop of a hat, have done tons of community work and have had study after study, learning and learning facts and more facts. The common thread is, that the knowledge is there, but where is the power? They can tell me things or teach me things. But where is the demonstration of the actual, real and tangible manifestations of God? This is what I feel is sorely lacking not only in the body, but in our interactions with the secular world. Now, don’t get me wrong. These are all wonderful, caring people who I love tremendously. Inherently, we have a problem though.

The world today is an interesting one. People are not easily impressed with merely words. The progress of our culture has desensitized many people to things unimaginable a generation or two ago. In other words, not much catches people’s attention anymore. So, when I see Christians engage in debates with Atheists, Muslims, Witches, or just in discussion with the average person on the street, I often find it a frustrating undertaking. Christians will stand and fight with people over things like socials issues, politics, culture and so on. We will rail on about morality and be happy to point out what’s wrong with everything and everyone. This is not how Jesus did things. Jesus was known for miracles, healing, wisdom and incredible leadership in putting all of these things of the Kingdom on display. Jesus was a man of action and could back up any claim He made.

Let me just lay this out for you…talk is cheap! The reason we are not seeing more people interested in becoming part of the Christian faith, is that for too long, too many people, have told many other people, too many wrong things, in place of the truth. People have become desensitized to the message. Don’t believe me? Go out in a public place where people are gathered, and start talking about Jesus. Watch the reactions on people’s faces as you do. Yes, you will get some who are pleasant about it, but more often than not, you will get some very uneasy and impolite responses.

People are tired of “hearing” about Jesus. What’s going to get the job done, is to start “showing” people Jesus, not only in the simple things, but also in the miraculous. I can argue with an Atheist all day over whether God exists, if Jesus is real, if the Bible is true and so on. But, if I take that same time to minister healing to someone, and ultimately pull a person out of a wheelchair in front of Atheist eyes, well, it ends that debate really quickly. Again, because the Kingdom is meant to be displayed in power, not in words. It’s meant to be a hands-on demonstration of what God can do, on the spot for someone. This is why the Kingdom of Heaven is said to be at hand. It’s here twiddling its thumbs, waiting for us to go out, get moving and operate in it.

Christians, I must encourage you, that you seriously need to experience the POWER of the Christian faith. I don’t mean just the flowery messages in church, the nice songs or your selected life scripture . I mean, for example, that you must witness a healing miracle with your own eyes, or better yet, receive a healing miracle. Then, go create that miracle for someone else. You must experience the tangible results of Jesus name being invoked. Because in Him, there are no limits. Therefore in you, there are also no limits.

You were given “exousia,” which is authority, and “dunamis” which is ability, to utilize and draw upon the full power of God, when the situation arises. Both of these words are translated into the word “power” in your English bible. In other words, you have the badge and the gun to go enforce the laws of God’s kingdom. Instead of just reading the words on the page, let the Word become fully manifested in front of you. Once you have experienced the true power of God, the doubt and the debate become null and void.  Additionally, many of the cultural causes we fight up against would be neutralized and neutered before it even became an issue.

For example, if churches would teach the youth how to operate in the real, legitimate supernatural power they were given by God, they wouldn’t run to embrace things like Harry Potter, the New Age or Vampire movies, in droves. They would have access to something a billion times more powerful than Hollywood can give them, and, in a wonderful reversal, they would become desensitized to the fluff that the world tries to present. If Christians would regularly and proficiently operate in areas of healing, prophecy and wisdom, then the lost in the culture wouldn’t turn to things like the occult, witchcraft, psychics and Reiki practitioners who will be happy to mislead them and collect a fee while doing so. By placing our focus almost completely on the talk and not the action, we have fallen way, way behind in this fight.  If we don’t start to demonstrate this power on a daily basis, the New Age crowds will be happy to step in and do so. Don’t blame the culture, and don’t blame the world or the media. We have done this entirely to ourselves. We have created the conditions, then we create culture wars to come up against the conditions. It becomes a vicious circle where everyone ends up at each others’ throats because of it.

The good news is this. Jesus is the ultimate power in the universe. Greater is He in you, than is in the world. As of now, you have everything you need to heal the sick, raise the dead, cleanse lepers, cast out devils and preach the Gospel. As believers, you have it, in full, unfailingly with no conditions. It’s time we start to take back what rightfully belongs to God, and set people free of the endless cycle of searching. Don’t talk it…demonstrate it. Don’t just speak it…DO IT!

I guarantee you, that none of us have fully arrived. Mainly because, there is no end and no limit to who and what Jesus is. The reason He told you that you will do greater works, is so that you never stop going after more.  That said, we must always press in for more and more of Him, in every situation. There will come a time when you will be faced with a challenge to your faith, or in a situation that requires action. There will come a time when church lessons, bible studies, ministry school, or pot luck lunches won’t be able to help you. There is coming a time for us, where we will need to physically, tangibly and powerfully display the true reality of what we believe. To know the truth of who Jesus is, you must experience everything that He is, in every way possible. The true beauty is, that those amazing possibilities are brilliantly limitless.

Be Blessed,

–Millian Quinteros
Overseer of Dominion Fire Church, Las Vegas, NV 





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