Heal the Sick – Episode #043 – Amir Rafiq

 – A revival of power and healing is taking root in Eastern Pakistan, and is going to be a part of the Eastern Wave of Christianity which will eventually fill the world. Right on the front lines, is True Light Church in Lahore, Pakistan featuring todays guest, Amir Rafiq. Amir is an evangelist and minister in Pakistan, and they are reaching out to millions of people who are hungry for the Word of God. When disasters happen, this church goes and helps. When Muslims destroy Christian neighborhoods, these guys rush in with food and supplies. These are the unsung heroes of faith, who are truly building the Kingdom. On this edition, Amir shares several healing testimonies from Pak, as well as his work in getting Bibles in the hands of every Pakistani person, in spite of endless persecution. All on this edition of the Heal the Sick Podcast. Boom Goes Yeshua!!



TRANSCRIPT – Based on the time of the audio
I am fine and its a great honor for me to be here. So, greetings and love to all of the listeners.

Here in Pakistan we are 200 million people. Out of 200 million people, around 6% of people means 6 million people are Christian. From 6 million people we are only around 1 million people who have a deep relationship with God and remaining 5 million people are still waiting for the Word of God. So Pakistan is a fertile land regarding sharing the Word of God, and 99, more than 99% of people are still waiting for the Word of God.

First of all, I am thankful to God and my brother Millian. So, he’s an awesome man of God, and he shared the word of GOd in our bible colleges and in our church. So, first I am going to share a testimony regarding when brother Millian shared the Word of God in our church. One of our sisters, her name is Ruksana, and she have a problem regarding Cancer from the last 4 or 5 years ago. So, when brother Millian and our team prayed for her, and now she is around 80% healed and thanks God and she is recovering everyday, and she gave me a report every time when I met with her, and she said ‘God healed me’ and thanks for your guys (for) you praying for us, for me, and she really appreciated brother Millian when he met with me and you know, so its, yes, we are the human beings that God is using us for His glory and it a God glory, so He use us for His glory!

When we were in other church, so when we were praying and worshipping, some Muslims people came at church and borther Millian and we prayed for them and one of the ladies she have breathing problems (since) around 6 years ago, so she (was) healed and said ‘Yes, your God is (an) awesome God, and He is live (a living) God and He can do all things. Nothing (is) impossible for Him,’ …Amen!

To be honest, no, she is still Muslim but she said, ‘Yes, your God is (an) awesome God and He can do all the things’ and I think in (the) coming months or in coming years she will be changed and she will be Christian in the name of Jesus, amen

So, one of the ladies from our church, and after 4 or 5 years have (being) married, but she have no baby. And she said to Pastor Tariq (Senior Pastor) and our team to come at my home and pray for me and my hubby so God will give us an awesome baby. So, when we went to her house and we prayed and we said, we said to her and her hubby and her family, to accept that, Jesus Christ as your Savior and wehn you will pray regulalry, and when you have complete faith on God, so God will give you a baby next year so, then we prayed and after that, we prayed for her daily. So after one year, so God gave them (an) awesome baby, and now, they have two babies. We thank God. God gave them two babies. Praise the Lord!

Some people are saying we are facing persecution every day. We are daily facing a lot of problems and hindrances in the sharing the Word of God when we go in the different areas, so yes, we are facing…but we know our God is a great God and He always takes care of us and He always sends protective angels for us, whenever we want to go to different areas (to) spread the Word of God. he sends protective angels for us. So, yes, we thank God. So, now its a time of revival here in Pakistan. The Word of God is spreading like a fire in the jungle nowadays, so a lot of people are coming to God everyday. So, we thank God. Its a great pleasure for us. If we don’t care about anything regarding persecution. We know if we will sit at our home, how the body of Christ will grow?

We decided we will go to different areas and make disciples like Matthew 28, 19 and 20. So, its the main motive in our lives to go in different areas and make disciples, so in this way, the body of Christ will grow…Amen

Oh yes. So, its a great honor for us. We are here in Pakistan and we are spreading the Gospel here in Pakistan. So, we know our God is the impossible God, and he always takes care of us and we, yes, we are facing a lot of problems regarding financially and discrimination, others things as that, but we always thank God. So, God is providing us resources and we are spreading the Gospel, and we are providing the foods to (the) poor and needy people, and we are reaching the widows and other people. And also, we are distributing bibles here in Pakistan, so we thank God and God is providing us resources and we are using (them) for His Kingdom work. So, yes…

More testimonies I would like to share. Last week when I and brother Millian talk, I tell brother Millian, so someone called me. Pastor Tariq was not here at home, so someone called me. So they said come at our home, so one of ours, she was demon possessed. And the lady said to me, ‘come and pray for her” so I and my eldest sister and we went there and we prayed for her, and some of the pastors came there, and we prayed for her. And she (was) healed. So then, we came back at (to) our home. So, while there, another lady came later and she said, ‘She is again (in) that same condition’ so I said to God, ‘God, now I am going there, so use me for all of your glory. I am nothing, I am (an) empty vessel. So now, you will use me…’ and then I go there….

I said to that demon, ‘Go and no (dont) come again!! So, its my Jesus so you will not come again,’ so when I prayed for her, so she (was) healed. And thank God, God gave an awesome testimony there and she said, ‘Now I will come to church, and I give my life to God, and Jesus is my Savior’ and I was so happy at that time, because it was glory to God. We are nothing without him. Its the glory of the God. God used me for His glory.

You know, it is written, when the people see the signs, wonders and miracles, then they believe, yes our God is awesome and live (living) God, so when the other people see miracles there when she (was) healed. So they said, ‘Oh Wow, awesome, yes, your God is awesome and He is a live (living) God and He can do all things” Amen

We thank God. So, yes. you said you are humbled, so its due to this (that) so I am feeling excitement, and I am giving glory to our God, and I am so happy. And God is the same even when we are in the USA, Pakistan, India, or any part of the world. So, yes our God is the same God. I want to share another testimony…

One of the ladies , she (had to give) gave birth to a child with Ceasarian. She said to Pastor Tariq, ‘Come and pray for me, now at this time, I will see how our God is a good God and a faithful God if I will give a birth with normally delivery.’ So, Pastor Tariq says, ‘Oh yes, our God can do all things. Nothing (is) impossible for our God.’ So, yes, so Pastor Tariq and our team went there and we prayed for her. When she pregnant and she gave birth to the baby, she gave the birth without the Caesarian with the normal delivery. So we rejoice and thanked God for hearing our prayer, and answer(ing) our prayer. You know, then she said, ‘OK, now, I know, yes our God can do all things, and now I accept Jesus as my Savior.’ and we were so happy to hear these type of testimonies when we go and pray.

You know it is written in the Bible, we will place our hands on the sick, and they will be get free (healed). So, we thank God when go, we place our hands upon sick people and they get healed. So, its a Glory to our God. Amen

One day I was sitting at our church and I was praying, and some people said to me, ‘We need Bibles” so I said (to) one pastor, we need Bibles. So he said, “OK, I will give you bibles.” So after one month, two months, I wait and after one, two or three months, he didnt give me Bibles.

So, I said, OK, and God said to me, ‘OK, now listen. You can share your love and passion and I will provide you, and you will distribute the bibles all over Pakistan’ I said, “OK, Lord” and once I am here on Facebook and sometimes I feel a lot of bad comments, like ‘…you are begging (for) money.” And God knows all of the hard work we are doing. So, I (am) thankful for the brother Brian and sister Cathy (Gray) built a website for us, www.biblesforpakistan.com, and we are raising money and we are buying bibles every month from (the) Bible Scoiety and we are distributing and we go to different houses and we are distributing Bibles. Yes, so I hear that in US, people have a lot of bibles at their houses. But here in Pakistan, a lot of people are waiting for the Word of God and we are receiving phone calls every day. Our team is receiving phone calls every day, to come in our area, and distribute bibles in our area.

And as I shared with you, 99% of people are still waiting for the Word of God. How they can say, that we are using money for our own (selves). Yes, some people are saying the same thing. But we dont care about this talk. We know its a really needed part with Pkaistani people…bibles, So we are distributing, and we know God is providing, and we have plans with to reach millions of people, and we will distribute bibles to them.

So, thanks for you guys who are praying for us, and who are sharing their love offerings for us, so we thank God for this. You guys are awesome, and going (giving) good efforts to our nation of Pakistan. So Pakistan will be saved in Jesus name, Amen!

Our website is www.BiblesForPakistan.com

Yes, some families have more than 5 or 6 members and you know, we are living in combined familes. So, with that, ‘Oh, we need more bibles.’ So we said, ok, so next time when we come, we will give you one more bible.

So, yes, we thank God we are here in Pakistan. So, God is using us in Pakistan. So, alot of things I want to share, but I will say to my (the) audience, and my (the) listeners, so please pray for Pakistan. So, its a time of revival here in Pakistan, and we are in the End Days so we want to see more and more people in the Kingdom of God and so when we go to the different areas, so please pray for us. We want to see Pakistan will be saved in Jesus name, Amen!

So, its a great honor for me to pray for our listeners and our audience, so lets pray. Heavenly Father, we come into Your Presence, and You are an Awesome God, and You are the greater God and you are King of the King. So, no one (is the) same like You. You are Awesome today, yesterday and forever. So, thank God. I pray for the listener who are listening (to) this show, if anyone is sick or facing any disease or in a problem, so we command all of the problems and we command sickness, GO in the name of Jesus. So thanks God (that) you gave me (the) opportunity to pray for these guys and I know if anyone will be saved or anyone be healed, so its the name of, your, Glory to Be your name, so we pray this in the name of Jesus. Amen!

Its a great honor for me, you invited me to speak here. So, I am so excited and I really thank God for you and the Dominion Fire and the people of the USA who are praying for us. We are praying for you guys everyday. So, God Bless you all…Amen

Follower of Jesus, husband, father and healing minister. I am your ministry provocateur, iconoclast, firebrand, and resident heretic here at Dominion Fire in Las Vegas, Nevada. I teach people how to minister healing, walk in power and think outside of the box. I am a multimedia content creator, podcast host, youtube vlogger and I work to be the expert at disseminating the digital revelations all around the world. And, by the way…Boom Goes Yeshua!