Heal the Sick – Episode #047 – Stan Albuquerque

 – Stan joins us today to talk about a crazy testimony of trying to destroy a Ouija board and the battle it took. Additionally, hear how his recent demonstration of creative miracles totally brought the power of God to fellow believers. In addition, Stan talks about his experience in the Navy, in ministry, and as a life team leader for JGLM. He also shares with us the important of the Word of God over tradition. Do not miss this one!! All on this edition of the Heal the Sick Podcast. Boom Goes Yeshua!!



Follower of Jesus, husband, father and healing minister. I am your ministry provocateur, iconoclast, firebrand, and resident heretic here at Dominion Fire in Las Vegas, Nevada. I teach people how to minister healing, walk in power and think outside of the box. I am a multimedia content creator, podcast host, youtube vlogger and I work to be the expert at disseminating the digital revelations all around the world. Connoisseur of Coke Zero, Peanut Butter and Swedish Fish. And, by the way...Boom Goes Yeshua!
  • Ruth Snyder

    Hi Millian, I sure have been blessed and encouraged by all these podcasts to continue to fight the good fight, reaching out to witness and heal the sick whenever I am out and about in town. Thanks for putting these ‘out there’ for people like me to stumble upon. 🙂 This particular episode (#47) seems to have a broken link or something. It will not play for me. Thanks again for all you are doing in the Kingdom!

    -R Snyder