“Healing Update: A couple weeks back Lynn and I visited a family, and ministered healing for a 2-yr old with a series of conditions. Due to his conditions, he doesnt sleep and as such, it’s very taxing on the family. We ministered to a few people there, Ian got in on it, as did some of the kids…and I also demonstrated a quick crash course tutorial in divine healing and how to do it. My initial post here on FB was about how the peace of God came over the family. Now, here is how it became manifested…

We learned that after we left, the 2 yr old fell into such a deep sleep, and slept so soundly that he had to be woken up at 9am by the family. No complications or problems were involved in this. From what I am told, everyone got some rest and it was a tangible demonstration of the peace of God bringing rest to that child. I am standing on faith that more healing will come for this family, and more updates will come as well. I am grateful that the family saw some change, and will build their faith to keep fighting on.

Healing can be instant, or it can definitely be a process and can happen over a period of time. As in war, you gain some territory, plant a flag, build up, and then go take some more…Per James 5, persistence is the key to winning these fights…and Boom Goes Yeshua….meshiach nagid!!!”♦

Millian Quinteros

Follower of Jesus, husband, father and healing minister. I am your ministry provocateur, iconoclast, firebrand, and resident heretic here at Dominion Fire in Las Vegas, Nevada. I teach people how to minister healing, walk in power and think outside of the box. I am a multimedia content creator, podcast host, youtube vlogger and I work to be the expert at disseminating the digital revelations all around the world. And, by the way...Boom Goes Yeshua!

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