The DNA of Communion

The DNA of Communion is Healing at its core. Grab some bread and juice, and let’s do communion together today. Communion is a process that Jesus left us with to be healthy, strong and to re-code our body to become increasing closer to His perfection. In this video, I explain the mechanics of communion, why you should do it daily, and how to use it as part of any healing, recovery or journey of well-being. The answer is always in taking it back to the beginning, to the original source code.

Millian Quinteros

Follower of Jesus, husband, father and healing minister. I am your ministry provocateur, iconoclast, firebrand, and resident heretic here at Dominion Fire in Las Vegas, Nevada. I teach people how to minister healing, walk in power and think outside of the box. I am a multimedia content creator, podcast host, youtube vlogger and I work to be the expert at disseminating the digital revelations all around the world. And, by the way...Boom Goes Yeshua!

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