What’s the Matter with Yoga – Corinna Craft

Corinna Craft joins us today, to discuss what problems exist with the practice of Yoga from a spiritual, physical and practical standpoint. Corinna shares her background as a practitioner and teacher for over 10 years, a dramatic supernatural revelation that led to two epic deliverances from Chinese Medicine and a spirit of Yoga, and what information she was able to extract in the process. Corinna was a Christian teaching secular yoga, and from her experience is compiling a future book called “Whats the Matter with Yoga” where she explains this information in detail.

In this interview, we discuss her background and experience, her testimony through this, and what she calls the trojan horse of religious beliefs that comes along with the practice. In addition, we discuss co-ownership and vested rights of control, breakdown of several active, passive and salutation poses and what they signify, and how this whole thing relates to the Christian mindset and why we need to be vigilant in what we do.

Visit Corinna at whatsthematterwithyoga.wordpress.com for more infomation and details.




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