A Former Lesbian Activist Comes to Christ with Charlene Cothran

Coming from a Baptist upbringing, and suffering from childhood sexual abuse, Rev. Charlene talks about her journey into the Lesbian lifestyle. Charlene talks about her background and experience in the gay and lesbian community, and how she began by organizing social events, founding of Venus magazine, and eventually into political action. Charlene talks about the moment when God opened here eyes, at a Gay Pride event, to what was happening, and how she received a revelation that made her uncomfortable with who she was.

Charlene talks about some of the common thoughts and misconceptions concerning the gay and lesbian movement, how codependency is mistaken for love, and how such a small population controls such a large swath of culture. Charlene speaks about how the church can approach this situation with love, and how God re-shapes you and connects you with new things. She speaks about loving one another, yet still speaking the truth and enduring the fallout that follows. We learn about Evidence Ministry and the work she is doing now, and how she sees confusion of mind as the pivotal factor in culture, and the media process of influence.

Charlene speaks on the politics of the Equality Act and how it affects Christians. We end our show today, with a final message of love and encouragement to people in this lifestyle, and that there a way to make a new start. A powerful message from Dominion Fire 360 and The Evidence Ministry.

p>Visit Evidence Ministry website at www.theevidenceministry.org




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Millian Quinteros

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