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Dominion Fire Church is a healing ministry in Las Vegas, Nevada. We are a ministry that focuses on the amazing and supernatural power of God.  We specifically focusing on divine healing and media to display the goodness of God to an eagerly-waiting world. We bring the power, then document and discuss the results.  This ministry utilizes audio, video, social media, web technology, graphic and print arts,  music and various forms of art and entertainment to paint the Kingdom of God in the most positive light.

At Dominion Fire, we have outgrown the traditional church environment. We have based our 21st Century Fellowship, on the 1st Century Acts church, the heart of the Ephesian Church, and a pioneering spirit to bring the body into new revelation and understanding.  Many people who train and fellowship with us, have left traditional church to seek Jesus in a more direct way. We are Christians who love Jesus and want nothing more than to be like Him in every way, and bring honor to His name.



    • 09/15/15 – Website Updates
      After quite a long time down, we have finally relaunched and re-designed our website, to serve audio and video content more effectively. There is much more to come, and updates continue to happen, so please check back often for new audio and video as well as ministry updates!

Have a Prayer Request?

If you have a prayer request, a prayer need, or would like to spend time in prayer for others, please visit our Prayer Box, where you can submit requests, and pray for those in need. Prayer will be addressed as quickly as possible, and we would love to hear follow-testimonies as well.

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Online Skype Courses

In development now, are a series of online courses and training, available via Skype. Topics will include healing, prophetic, supernatural, and much more. If you would like to participate in these course, please check out EVENTS CALENDAR, to find when courses are available. Check back often, as courses will be added and sign ups made available.


If you would like to support our ministry work, with a financial donation, there are several options available. Your gift will go directly to the people in need, and not to a multi-million dollar building, utility bills, nor any pastoral salaries.

If you would like you donations to make a direct impact, please consider supporting this ministry. Thank you for your kindness and generosity.

Options include:

  • One-Time Donation
  • Monthly Recurring Donation
  • Donation Via PayPal


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