Healing Ministry Las Vegas

Dominion Fire Church is a healing and content creation ministry located in Las Vegas, NV. We train Christians who are ready to actually “be the church!!” We want to heal the sick and set people free of what’s holding them down. Our goal is to grow into the fullness of Christ, grow up in faith, and demonstrate the full power of God through acts such as healing. We are not here to judge, condemn or argue theology. We are here to take on sickness and disease, and set people free! We are not politically correct, seeker-friendly or playing to the masses. These matters are life and death and there is always work to be done! We utilize multimedia and technology to put God’s goodness on display and demonstrate His true kingdom to the masses.


Recommended Books

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Heal the Sick Podcast

Testimonies, Stories, Lessons and Teachings on Healing, Power, Dominion and Authority, from pastors, teachers, ministers and leaders in the faith

Dominion Fire 360

Dominion Fire 360 is an all-encompassing program, on variety topics, featuring podcasts, original audio recordings, short-form presentations, and exclusive interviews with leaders in the area of Christian interest, divine healing, power, dominion, authority and miracles.

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The D-Fire Vlog

Our original video series, which brings you real talk, and a slice of ministry life. Anything from healing demonstrations, to fellowship times, to sitting in the office teaching a lesson.

Audio Book Library

Our original series of audio books, on various topics, by various contributors.

Christ Simplified: Exploring the Basics of Faith - Vol. 1

In Volume One, we ask the most basic question concerning having a relationship with Jesus Christ. With any relationship, some form of intimacy and interaction needs to take place, for the relationship to grow. Often times, knowing how to, or what to do in this case is often confusing and leaves many trying to get “closer” to God instead of just growing in a stronger relationship.

Realities of God Audio Book

Does God allow or cause painful events in your life? How should you read the book of Job and what are you to learn? When in prayer, should you beg and plead with God in order to cause Him to move on your behalf? The Realities of God addresses these questions and more; providing an accurate picture of who God is, how he works, and what you should know about His true nature of love, mercy, and grace.