Episode 001 – Pastor Danny Hand – Gateway City Church – Las Vegas

This is the premiere episode of Saint City Chronicles, featuring Pastor Danny Hand of Gateway City Church in Las Vegas, Nevada. Danny and I spend some time together discussing faith in Las Vegas, his pivot from a promising career in sports to serving the Kingdom of God, full time. Further, Danny discusses his multi-generational call to serve in ministry and the drive behind why he serves in this role.

We discuss the need for fathering in the church, supporting the city through the worst of our times, and creating a family atmosphere when people in the area, are in need of it the most. We discuss Gateway City Church and what the hope for the future is, in this dynamic community of believers.


gateway city church las vegas saint city chronicle
gateway city church las vegas saint city chronicle

We are a church for all people, inspiring and encouraging them to live a life full of accountability, faith and love! Through Christ we are victorious!

Our assignment is to be an apostolic movement with a Kingdom message committed to raising up sons and daughters in the earth. For us to reach the next generation (and all other generations), we are committed to a lifestyle of prayer, seeking God’s face, and mentoring every person choosing to live a life through faith in Jesus Christ.
Our lives have been catapulted into a prayer culture and holiness movement that is forever changing the course of our lives and this ministry. We are operating in an accelerated moment – receiving clearer vision and purpose, and seeing God be made famous in the Las Vegas valley and around the world.
“What’s worse than being blind? To have sight and no vision!” Helen Keller
When you “see” what God sees, and the way God sees – then you’ve positioned yourself to receive all that He has prepared for you. You’re invited to join us in one of our weekend services and experience the goodness of God firsthand!



3630 N. Rancho Drive #109
Las Vegas, Nevada 89130
(702) 335-3679

Service Times:
Sunday: 10:00AM

Celebración en Español




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